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Your Fix: Pet Care Tips Every Owner Needs

As beloved members of the family, pets deserve the very best care we can give them. It’s our responsibility as owners to ensure that they maintain a healthy weight, get enough exercise, learn their manners, and generally live like royalty in between their epic naps. When you’re new to caring for an animal, however, the vast amount of pet care advice on the internet–some of it contradictory–can be enough to make your head spin. How do you know which information to trust and which to ignore? Who are some of the true experts you can turn to when your dog or cat seems unwell?

That’s where we come in. The articles rounded up below contain book recommendations and helpful pet care tips from some of the most respected authors (and animal lovers) out there. Learn the dos and don’ts of toting your pet around on a hot day to keep them from overheating. Find out what kind of food is actually ideal for cats and dogs (hint: corn and wheat ingredients are no good). See how simple it is to teach your dog not to jump on you when you walk through the door after a long day (yes, tasty treats are involved). Review basic pet care tips such as how often to feed puppies and how to keep your dog flea-free. And last but not least, test your knowledge of the 5 simple ways you can add years to your pet’s life, such as keeping their mouth clean.

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