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7 Fun Facts About French Bulldogs

french bulldogsIf you haven’t seen Manny the Frechie, we suggest you get an Instagram account immediately. He’s cute and your day will instantly be better. Hailed by Buzzfeed as “the most famous French bulldog in the world” Manny has over 1 MILLION followers on Instagram and has published his first book, Manny the Frenchie’s Art of Happiness!


Whether he’s wearing sunglasses, hitting up music festivals, or sleeping in adorable costumes, this philanthro-pup always encourages his followers to have a positive, do-gooder outlook. Here’s seven fun facts about french bulldogs, from his book, courtesy of the American Kennel Club.

Manny Fun Facts

Watch us around the pool! Most Frenchies cannot swim due to our somewhat “bulbous” bodies. I happen to be especially buoyant, though, so I do get to indulge. But swimming and bullies don’t always go together.

Like the Winston Churchill-esque gentlemen we resemble, we require a brisk daily walk to keep us in shape.

Frenchies are the sixth most popular breed of dog (and rising fast!).

Our ears are called “bat ears” (due to the shape). Not flattering, but true.

If we pant too much, our throats can swell up and we can asphyxiate ourselves—that means we can’t breathe! So crank up the AC, please.

We have the ability to jump like jackrabbits, as high as a meter. Especially for treats held higher than a meter above our heads.

Frenchies are well suited to apartment living, family life, and other pets. Adopt a Frenchie today!

There’s a reason why dogs are a human’s best friend. They can also get you through a life crisis.


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