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5 Tips To Making The Holidays Happy and Safe For Your Pet

The holidays have arrived! Many pet parents let their cutest family members join in on the festivities, but it’s easy to forgot some of the small dangers for cats and dogs. Norbert, author of NORBERT’S LITTLE LESSONS FOR A BIG LIFE, shares how to make sure the holidays are safe for both you and your pet.

Hi! I’m Norbert. I love having adventures with my family, especially around the holidays—maybe because I’m only the size of a Christmas ornament? This time of year is full of celebration, but sometimes all the festivity can be a little much for your pets to handle. So I’m here with some little lessons for a big holiday that all your guests, both human and animal, can enjoy:

Tip 1: It’s winter, and even in California where I live, it can get chilly. If you’re taking your family pet out caroling, or even if you’ll just have lots of visitors letting cold air into your cozy house, be sure your pet isn’t too cold or too warm. I like to wear a warm hat when I go out!

Tip 2: If you’re trimming a tree, or hanging other decorations, make sure you keep anything breakable up high. Sometimes those ornaments look just like dog or cat toys when they’re dangling from a low branch! (And keep an eye on those strings of lights, too!)

Tip 3: Like lots of people, my favorite part of holiday gatherings is the food! But the spirit of giving shouldn’t always include giving your pup bites of everything on your plate—everyone loves a treat, but too much rich food can mess with our digestion.

Tip 4: Do you have a special holiday outfit? I love to dress up too! If your pet is going to wear something special for the holidays, make sure it fits properly so it’s not pinching or binding, and isn’t so loose that it can get caught on something. (Like my bowtie—I think I look pretty dapper!)

Tip 5: Pets and kids get super-excited about the holidays—what could be more fun? But even the best-behaved dogs, cats or kids can have a little slip when they’re hopped up on sugar and holiday magic, so please keep a close eye on little ones to make sure we’re all getting along.
Follow these simple tips and I bet you and your beloved pets will have the best holiday ever!

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