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Learn Together: 8 Young Reader Editions of Books the Whole Family Should Read

Father and daughter reading as a family

Want to become more involved with your children’s back-to-school reading assignments? Don’t want to abandon the books piled up on your nightstand that you’ve been wanting to read yourself? I have a feeling that Young Reader Editions are about to make your day.

Young Reader Editions are age-appropriate versions of best-selling books for adults. They basically enable you and your child to read together, but at a level you can each appreciate. If you’ve been on the hunt for something new to enjoy together for homework or a bedtime story, these books may become your new favorite thing.

The six Young Reader Editions below are a great place to start. From the story of brave former slave Ona Judge to the autobiography of Nike founder Phil Knight to a memoir from American ballet star Misty Copeland, there’s something for everyone. These books will teach your kids empathy, history, and other valuable lessons they’ll need to succeed as adults. They’ll also give you a chance to keep up with your book club selections! Win/win.


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