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Why You Should Embrace Your Femininity

Lipstick_Woman_400Whether your day consists of loading and reloading a dishwasher and feeding messy littles, or whether it means trudging off to an office, you might want to reconsider your feminine side. And you don’t need to do it for anyone other than yourself. From At Home with Madame Chic.

If you equate being home doing chores and looking after the children with drudgery, then you will probably dress accordingly—wandering around the house in sweatpants or perhaps not even getting out of your pajamas. You might pull your hair back in a careless ponytail. What is the point of looking good if you are going to be scrubbing toilets and wiping runny noses? When you have a baby and are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, it’s easy to get into the habit of not caring how you present yourself. Soon years have passed and you’ve been wandering around in a constant state of frumpiness. You can’t imagine wearing a pretty summer dress when you aren’t going to work or don’t have any special plans. You might feel self-conscious, as though people are judging you for dressing up during the day.

Perhaps when you dress up, you feel as though you are drawing attention to yourself. You don’t want compliments; you just want to fly under the radar. If you wander around in jeans and a T-shirt every single day, then you won’t cause a stir. No one will notice you haven’t quite lost the baby weight yet. No one will look closely at the dark circles under your eyes.

Does any of this resonate with you? If so, it’s time to set aside all of those inhibitions and embrace your femininity. Start with small steps. Challenge yourself to wear your pretty summer dress even if you don’t have special plans (especially if you don’t have special plans). Do something different with your hair. Brush it and pull it into a sleek ponytail, or curl the ends. Put some lipstick on. Spritz some perfume. It might feel absurd, but just do it anyway. You might garner a lot of attention the first few times you do this. “Where are you going?” “Wow, someone dressed up today!” Just accept the comments with a smile. Keep pushing yourself to do this on a daily basis. No matter what you have planned for the day, present yourself beautifully. There’s no need to become a high-maintenance diva, spending an hour in the bathroom getting ready. Just put some thought and, yes, bravery into your outfit and toilette. After a while it will become the new standard you hold yourself to, and it will feel foreign and uncomfortable to be in your frumpy old sweatpants again.

Embracing your femininity is a marvelous way to celebrate being a woman. You don’t need to do it for anyone other than yourself. Each and every woman is beautiful and unique in her own way. We are all one of a kind. Let us honor that on a daily basis. And even though you are only doing this for yourself, it will have positive effects on everyone in your life. Your children will have wonderful memories of a mom who was vibrant and beautiful, not frumpy and overwhelmed. Your husband will appreciate the effort and might up his game a little too. Your friends will be inspired. Looking presentable will always have a ripple effect in your life that will touch others in the most unexpected ways.


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