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Try This: 23 Super Sandwich Ideas for Kids

23 easy sandwich ideas for kidsGood news: Kids can’t resist these creative sandwich combinations. Get fast, easy ideas for building a more exciting sandwich, from 4 Ingredients: More Than 400 Quick, Easy, and Delicious Recipes Using 4 or Fewer Ingredients, by Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham.

1. Roast beef, tomato, grainy mustard, and shredded iceberg lettuce
2. Peanut butter and mashed banana
3. Peanut butter and bean sprouts (sounds unusual but is really tasty!)
4. Banana on raisin bread
5. Cheese with grated carrot, lettuce, and golden raisins
6. Tuna and tomato
7. Baked beans on a roll
8. Chicken, chopped celery, walnuts, and a dash of mayo
9. Cottage cheese mixed with chopped apple and dates (yummo!)
10. Ham, chutney, lettuce, grated carrot, and grated cheese on a foccacia
11. Egg and lettuce
12. Apple and cream cheese
13. Salmon mixed with cream cheese to bind
14. Cheese and tomato
15. Ham and cheese
16. Cream cheese, chopped celery, and golden raisins
17. Peanut butter and grated carrot
18. Leftover roast meat with grated carrot, chopped lettuce, and chutney
19. Tuna, lettuce, and ketchup
20. Ham, cheese, and a pineapple ring (Make sure the pineapple is dry before placing it on the sandwich.)
21. Mashed banana
22. Grated carrot, cheese, and mayonnaise
23. Curried egg salad

Triple Deckers: These are really easy and really fun. Make a sandwich with 3 slices of bread and two layers of filling. Remove the crusts and cut the sandwich into three strips.

Pita Pockets: Fill a pita with your choice of filling: lean meat, salad, egg, grated cheese, carrot, etc.

Cut-out Shapes: Buy different cookie cutters to make bread shapes for your toddlers (use the excess for bread crumbs to avoid waste). It is fun for them to eat a shark-shaped sandwich!!



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