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Tips From a Lion Mom

ivana trumpYou’ve heard of Grizzly Moms…Tiger Moms…but there’s a new animal in the zoo, and that’s a Lion Mom! This creature was coined by none other than Ivana Trump in her new book, RAISING TRUMP, about how she raised her three kids with—well, you know who with. In the book, Ivana shares her secrets for turning out well-adjusted children who managed to avoid many of the excesses of their peer group. The most surprising thing might be just how useful these parenting tips are…even if your apartment doesn’t have a speck of gold leaf!

Lion Mom Tip #1: Make Every Meal
“No matter how busy I was, I had breakfast with my children every day. I sat with them at dinner every night and helped them with their homework.”

Lion Mom Tip #3: Tight Schedules
“Because the kids were kept busy…they didn’t have time to get into trouble.”

Lion Mom Tip #8: Make Them Play Sports
“[Sports] taught me how to face my fears, push myself to victory, and be humble in defeat—all lessons the kids needed to learn.”

Lion Mom Tip #17: Be a Mom, Not a Friend
“In order to be liked by their kids, many parents do everything for them. I didn’t really care how popular I was at home and made it clear that the children had to carry their own weight.”

This is just the tip of the “Lion Mom” advice-berg. Find out what type of mom you are.


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