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The Best Barbecue Grills and Smokers

BBQ_foodplatter_grill_400Barbecue maestros Aaron Chronister and Jason Day, authors of BBQ Makes Everything Better, share their favorite brands and products.

Many different makes and models are available, so it’s best to do your research and determine which type of cooker will best suit your needs before making the big purchase. To help you out, we’ve created a list of our favorites. There’s a reason why Weber is the most-recognized company in the barbecue industry. They manufacture numerous models of smokers and grills to fit everyone’s needs. Their Smoky Mountain cooker is considered by many to be the highest-quality smoker that won’t break the bank. Ace of Hearts BBQ is home to one of our favorite cookers, the Good-One line of grills and smokers. We own a few different versions of their cookers and even use them during competition. Traditional style meets modern technology with these electronic rotisserie smokers. This is quickly becoming one of the most coveted smokers on the competition trail; cooks using these insulated cookers have won every major title that the competitive barbecue world has to offer. Another great line of insulated smokers. If you have specific needs, they’ll even help you design a one-of-a-kind custom cooker. The industry-leading kamado-style cooker sports thick ceramic walls for fuel-efficient grilling and smoking. The Big Green Egg’s ability to sustain high temperatures also makes it great for baking pizza and bread. This steel kamado-style cooker offers the same great features as its ceramic counterpart at a reduced price. Built for mobility, the Bubba Keg comes with a built-in trailer hitch mount so you can haul it anywhere you need to cook. Pellet-based grills that make barbecuing as simple as setting an oven. The home of the original electric smoker. They have various makes and models, some of which are banned from competition because of their automated-cooking process.


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