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Prevent Your Child’s Meltdowns with Fantasy

What do you do when your child throws a tantrum because she wants something that is impossible for you to provide? Unfortunately kids can’t understand logic, and will not respond when you patiently and rationally explain why you can’t get them the thing they want. Here’s how to get them to understand your words, from How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen.

A terrific tool for moments like these is to give a child in fantasy what you can’t give in reality. When your child is crying in the car because he’s thinking about the candy you didn’t buy him at the mall, it’s not the right time for a lecture on tooth decay. Admit it! Candy tastes good!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could eat candy every day and nothing bad would happen to our teeth?

What would we have for breakfast? M&M’s or lollipops? And how about lunch?

Encourage your kids to chime in. I recall a memorable ride home when my three boys happily imagined a world where the car itself was made out of sweets and even the road was paved with candy. You could take a rest stop and nibble on the bumper, or crumble off a little piece of pavement if you felt like having a snack.


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