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Pillow Talk with Levi Johnston: Bristol’s Pregnancy Was No Accident

Levi Johnston has a new memoir discussing his relationship with Bristol Palin and her mother Sarah PalinBy Deborah Goldstein
Whatever your feelings about Levi Johnston, you can’t argue that he never fails to bring the drama. Especially now. Out today, Johnston’s new memoir Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs shares his side of the story. And as you might’ve guessed, his version varies just a smidge from estranged baby mama Bristol Palin’s published account.

Johnston does more than kiss and tell in his new book—he drops the bomb that a teenaged Bristol wanted to get pregnant, in a fit of jealous over her mother’s pregnancy in 2008.

Here, he describes her plan and shock over Sarah’s pregnancy, allegedly hidden from the public for seven months.
“I’m the one,” Bristol said, who should be having a baby. Not Sarah.
The Palin kids call their parents Todd and Sarah when things are tense.
Bristol looked at me. Let’s get pregnant.
I’m not ready, I remember thinking. I’m just a kid.
I stopped stroking her hair.”

On initially wooing Bristol:
“I’d seen her in the grocery store in Wasilla the day before the game. Track’s sister, five months younger than me, was no longer a kid. She had on a soft-pink turtleneck sweater. Hot.
I walked right up to her. Just ’cause. ’Cause I couldn’t keep away.
Are you coming to the games in Fairbanks? To see Track?
Are you playing? she asked. Her doe eyes looked right into me.
In that moment I swore I’d never shoot another deer.”

On Bristol’s assets:
“Her body drove me crazy. All those curves and everything.
It still does.”

On Sarah and Todd Palin’s marriage:
“I never—and I mean never—saw Sarah and Todd touch or kiss, other than for a photo op. They barely even talked to each other, and when they did, it was about practical stuff like who could watch the kids or who would pick them up from a friend’s house. I had more conversations with the guy who bags my mom’s groceries at the Carrs/ Safeway than those two did with each other.”

On his relationship with Alaska and family, versus the Palin’s:
“The Palins are typical of today’s Alaskan families: sport for them is more racing through, than being in, the wilderness. Track went snow machining with his dad now and then, and they commercial fished together in the summer.
Other than that, the Palin men didn’t have the relationship to one another and to the land that for me and my father was like religion.”

Oh, Levi. We can’t wait to get Kathy Griffin’s take on all of this.


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