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Parents Who Need to Be Slapped

angrysoccermoms400Some parents are so ridiculous, starting with the kind who take their baby to the movies and don’t leave when the kid starts crying, as if it improves the soundtrack. From Big Daddy’s Rules: Raising Daughters is Tougher Than I Look.

• Parents who think their kids are gifted when they’re barely above being morons themselves.

• Parents at sporting events whose asses are on the sidelines but whose mouths are on the field.

• Lindsay Lohan’s parents.

• Anyone who puts their kids in a reality show or lets them watch one.

• Parents who send tweets as if their baby wrote them. Twits.

• Kim Kardashian’s parents.

• Parents who hire a “parenting coach” to teach them how to be better parents. I swear to God I just saw this advertised in the Post. Are you kidding me?

• Parents who send me letters at Christmas telling me what their families did the past year. Unless you’re going into the Witness Protection Program and this is the last time I’ll hear from you, I don’t give a crap.

• The Utah mother who allowed her children to use a portable potty in the middle of a restaurant (true story—you can’t make up people like that).

• Parents who spend $1,000 on a stroller, then have their $12-an-hour nanny push it around.

• Parents who don’t let their kids eat any sugar but feed them prescription drugs like they’re M&Ms.

• Parents who let their kids play video games all day long, then wonder why their kids are antisocial.

• Parents who buy their twelve-year-old daughter a handbag that you’d need a bank loan to afford.

• Parents who let their dogs run free but keep their kids on a leash.



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