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How To Get the Best Out of Your Student

MotherSonConference_400Set a good example for your student both inside and outside the classroom. Here’s how, from The End of Molasses Classes: 101 Extraordinary Solutions for Parents and Teachers.

Some of the things our teachers and parents do are actually easy, but they send a message to our students and have a wonderful impact:

1. Don’t gossip. If you are spending your time complaining about people who are gossiping, you’re still gossiping. Stop.

2. Show up on time. Whether you are a staff member showing up for work or a parent showing up to pick your child up from school or to attend a meeting with your child’s teacher, it is imperative that you are on time. When you aren’t on time you send a message that you don’t respect the time of others, and it can be perceived as extremely rude and send the wrong message to children. Ms. Mosley shows up at RCA before 7:00 a.m. each morning. She has never been late in her four years at RCA. She said she knows that children learn their behaviors from watching adults, and she is sending a message to them that being on time every day shouldn’t be something that is unusual; it is expected.

3. Return forms to the school in a timely manner. We hate having to track down parents for signed permission slips, report cards, and other items. Turn them back in the next day, not only to help the school but also to teach your children about the value of being prompt and on time with assignments.

4. Pick up after yourself. Teachers and parents should stop to pick up even the smallest pieces of trash in their school. Work hard to keep it spotless and show your students, especially the ones who tend to be cluttered and disorganized, the strength of spirit and feeling of success that can be born out of living and working in a clean and organized environment. I am sure most parents don’t even think of picking up trash as they walk through the school hallways or parking lot, but if they did the message it would send to others would be powerful.

5. Proofread. Teachers should correct grammar and triple check emails and letters that they send home to parents. Show that each email you send is worthy of being checked thoroughly. Parents should make sure their emails to teachers are respectful and appreciative.

6. Dress your best. No wrinkles, rips, or sloppy clothing, especially for parents when they go to their child’s school. Your child wants you to look sharp when you pick him up from school. He wants to be proud of you and show others that his parent is a professional.


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