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Flowers in the Attic TV Movie: Bad Grandma, Worse Doughnuts

Flowers in the Attic Lifetime movieWe know it’s not cool to plan your whole weekend around a TV premiere these days, what with DVRs and tablet viewing and on demand and all. But considering the prurient shockwaves Flowers in the Attic has given us all over the years, from its page-turning debut in the form of V.C. Andrews’ 1979 novel to the racy 1987 gauzy, Gothic film starring Kristy Swanson, we’ll make an exception.

On Saturday at 8PM EST, Lifetime is unveiling its remake of FITA, as we affectionally call it when we’re twirling our long, golden locks, making paper flowers, and wondering why our mom doesn’t come to visit us anymore.

We’ve only watched the first 15 minutes, because, well, we want to watch it along with the rest of the gaggle of girls and boys who grew up traumatized by this messed-up Doppel… Dollanganger clan’s sad, sordid tale. Throw in Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn as Bad Grandma, Heather “Rollergirl” Graham as clueless “Momma” Corinne, and Mad Men‘s fantastic Kiernan Shipka as Cathy, well, tickle us with some powdered sugar!


We will be baking up a storm, donning our gay floral apparel, and wondering if this version will go where the 1987 film wussed out. Are you having your own screening party, darling?


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