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A Simple Way to Outsmart Your Toddler

Toddler_400Hit a wall with those relentless “no’s” from your child? Divert their attention by making them laugh. From How to Be the Parent You Always Wanted to Be.

What do I do about my two-year-old? Her favorite word is “no!” Just getting her socks on every morning is an exhausting battle.

There’s no winning a power struggle with a two-year-old. Since you can’t change her mind, consider changing the mood. Go for “funny stuff.” Use another voice or accent. Put your hand in her sock and have your sock puppet shriek, “No, no, do not put those smelly toes in me!” Scold the sock as you pull it on. Insist that it do its job and keep your little girl’s feet toasty warm. Have fun continuing the drama with the rest of her clothes.

No doubt about it. Anything that’s silly, playful, surprising, or comical has the power to melt resistance and invite cooperation. It’s something to keep in mind for children and grownups of all ages.


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