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8 Tips for Transitioning from School to Summer

Sunscreen_400As the school year winds down and the dog days of summer beckon, we must take a few baby steps to readjust our household schedules. Here are some simple ways to tie up loose ends and truly enjoy some sunny times with your whole family.

Take a break from a schedule. Allow your children to spend a few days or a week sleeping late and doing a lot of nothing. Give them time to unwind without having to be a slave to a schedule.

Discard old schoolwork. There’s no reason to save the run of the mill math workshops and spelling tests, so sort through the piles THE DAY they come home. Keep only creative writing or truly special assignments.

Evaluate what’s on your bookshelves. With limited space on your bookshelves, it’s important to purge textbooks and books your child has outgrown. The end of the school year is a great time to pare down and organize what’s on your shelves.

Sort through old clothes. Take some time to go through your children’s closets and drawers to see what clothes still fit them from last summer and which clothes are ready for donation or the trash. This will help you plan accordingly when shopping for summer bathing suits, shorts, and tanks.

Stock up on sunblock and other summer essentials. Sunblock doesn’t retain its efficacy indefinitely. Make sure that yours hasn’t outlived its useful life, and you have it stored where it will be applied daily.

Register for summer activities. Ensure that your child doesn’t get shut out of the tennis or baseball clinic that fits her schedule. Sign up early for the activities your child wants to do.

Arrange carpools and other transportation. Know how your child is getting to summer camp and other summer activities.

Schedule appointments before camp starts. Plan ahead for orthodontist, dentist, and any other doctor appointments your child needs. The perfect time to fit these in is between the end of school and the beginning of camp.



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