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6 Reasons Why You Should Potty Train During Summer Vacation

Parenting_Child_400As The Pied Piper of Poop, I can tell you without a doubt that potty training doesn’t have a season. Sometimes the child initiates the process themselves. Other times, parental intuition says, “Now!” Still other times, parents have to nudge things along a bit so the child can go to pre-school fully trained.

Anytime you would like to take on the process of potty training is a good time. But summer is upon us and let me tell you; summer is the IDEAL time.

Summer naturally comes with vacations, for grown-ups, children, and child-care centers. Being home several days in a row with your child will set everyone up for the most success. Very few children can go from beginning potty training on the weekend back into a child-care situation outside the home. While I’m pretty sure your idea of a family vacation isn’t one spent potty training, you will be so glad you did. Giving your child the gift of autonomy (and you the gift of no more diapers) is the best thing you can give them right now. Disney memories may fade, but toilet use lasts forever!

If you live anywhere with seasons, pick summer. For one sentence: potty training in a bathing suit versus potty training in a snow suit. Need I say more? I don’t think so.

No matter how you choose to potty train, you will need to have a least one day with your child naked or at the very least, bare-bummed. For obvious reasons, this is preferable in the summer months.

Potty training can happen outside in the yard—where accidents will water the lawn and not your carpet. The newly potty-trained child will have accidents, just as the child learning to walk will fall down. Expect them while minimizing the damage.

Summertime makes it so much easier to take in extra fluids, which means extra practice for your little one. Keeping your child’s urine copious and clear is far easier in the summer months.

Potty training in the middle of summer is completely necessary if your child will be entering pre-school in the fall or “moving up a class” in daycare. Most pre-schools will expect fully potty-trained children in September. Do not, I repeat, do not potty train the last week in August if this is your situation. You will put too much pressure on your child and the process will backfire. Give your child loads of time to learn this and perfect their new skill.

While summer is an awesome time to potty train, all other seasons work as well. Don’t be all freaked out if it’s not working for your family this summer. On that note, here are some cautionary notes to be aware of in the summer time.

· If you are having your child go bare-bummed outside, be liberal with the sunscreen. Remember these are the parts where literally, “the sun don’t shine.” A sunburned bottom will grind the process to a quick halt.

· While it’s a great time to take in a slight amount of extra fluids, be cautious your child isn’t taking in too much. Melons, popsicles, and pool water all counts as fluids. If your child is peeing all the time, back off the fluids a bit.

· Beware watermelon. It’s a diuretic and will produce more pee than actual fluid seemingly went in.

· Watch for poison ivy with the bare-bummed outdoors. Yeah. That.

Have a great summer! Celebrate your child’s independence! Ditch the diapers this summer and give your child the gift of autonomy.


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