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Your Fix: How to Show Love Every Day

In the everyday hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to take your loved ones for granted and forget that they cannot actually read your mind. Forgot to kiss your wife goodbye before leaving in the morning? No problem–she knows you love her. Didn’t get home in time to tuck the kids into bed? You’ll make sure to read them an extra story tomorrow. Haven’t called your best friend from college in months? It’s okay, he’s probably busy too… Yet if you don’t make it a habit to show love when you can, you might find people have no idea how you truly feel deep down. That is when your relationships can take a turn for the worse. Don’t risk it; instead, make it a point to say “I love you” through actions today and every day.

Grand gestures aren’t needed to express how much you value your significant other, family, and friends. Casual displays of affection can do just as much, if not more, to remind the people in your life how grateful you are to have them around. Slow down and make time to truly listen and give moral support on good days as well as bad. Go out of your way to be kind and thoughtful. Disconnect from email and social media to focus your attention on the faces right in front of you. Reach out and hold your husband’s hand for no reason at all. These tips and more in the roundup below will help you find simple, pain-free ways to communicate to your loved ones that they mean the world to you. ‘Cause why just tell them, when you can show them, too?

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