Your Fix: How to Have a Happy Marriage

Emily Lyman has a penchant for organization and ruthlessly keeps only those things that bring her joy. Her life goals are to travel always, read everything, and perfect the selfie. Because let's be honest, posing for a selfie is really the most awkward feeling one can have while taking a photo.

happy marriageSometimes, it’s easier said than done. How do you stay in the honeymoon phase of your happy marriage forever? Do you even want to? Marriage is no easy feat and it’s not a choice that everyone will make. No matter where you’re at in your dating or married life, we’ve found advice that will, hopefully, help you along your journey.

Single and unhappy? Before pulling the trigger on marriage, you may want to discover how you can be happy alone. Married and wondering what to do now? Redbook Mag shares their 13 secrets.

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