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Why a Smart Guy Always Trumps a Hot Guy

SmartGuy_400Smart is sexy. If you’re an educated woman looking to get married, beware of the hot guy. The sex will eventually get boring, and he won’t ever get smarter. From Marry Smart.

Can you be happily married to a man who isn’t as smart as you? It depends on what you want from marriage. If your priority is financial security, a huge bank account may be enough to satisfy you. And then of course, there are some very self-sufficient women who marry slightly unintelligent, ultra-studly men just for the sex. Okay, but the likelihood is that after a while even the most Thrilling Circus Sex with Mr. Macho will become Mechanical Boring Sex with Annoying Dumb Guy. And that’s not something that’s likely to get better. The sex won’t improve and he definitely won’t ever get smarter.

The big thing is that you want to form a lifelong union with a man who will celebrate and encourage your achievements and never be threatened by your capacity for greatness, simply because he has a similar track record and those same capacities. But it’s the little things that continue to surface that will remind you of why you should marry a smart man. You will either have to regularly explain your references to things like Fermat’s Last Theorem or Diaghilev or the Bayeux Tapestry—or else get used to that glazed look that comes over his face when he just doesn’t get it. There is a wonderful scene in the movie Swingers where Mike (Jon Favreau’s character) tries to impress a waitress in a Las Vegas diner. The menu says, “We serve breakfast any time.” He asks her for an omelet in the Age of Enlightenment. The waitress walks away in disgust and Mike rues having used a time frame that was “over her head,” and wishes he referenced the more commonly known Renaissance. A few minutes later, the waitress returns with his order and says, “Here’s your eggs, Voltaire.”

Okay, so Mike underestimated the woman’s intellectual prowess, but if your date doesn’t understand why this is funny, he’s not smart enough for you.


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