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Your Guide to the Ultimate Winter Date

‘Tis the season to hold hands in a winter wonderland! The most romantic dates in the movies all center on snow. There’s no need to wait until the temperature drops in order to have a great winter date. Heat up your winter romance with these fun ideas.





  1. Go ice skating. The quintessential winter date. Whether you brave the cold and skate at a local pond or head to an indoor rink, ice skating is the perfect excuse to hold hands and have a fun. Dare each other to jump and spin, and see who’s the first person to fall.
  2. Bake your favorite treats. The surplus of sweet treats is arguably one of the best parts of the holiday season. Bring your S.O. into the kitchen and have a bake-off. Are you a master when it comes to a mixer? Try these decant peppermint bark chocolate doughnuts. If you’re interested in keeping it easy and equally yummy, you can’t go wrong with the classic chocolate chip cookie.
  3. Have a cozy night in. Queue up your favorite holiday movies and romantics comedies, order some take-out and cuddle up under a nice warm blanket. Spice things up with a boozy hot chocolate with salted caramel whipped cream for a yummy dessert.
  4. Catch some local art. You don’t need to be in a metropolitan area to see great art. Head to your local museum or theater and catch an exhibition or show. Take some notes or share your review over a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant.
  5. Go sledding. No explanation needed.
  6. Volunteer. The holiday season is all about spreading love and joy. Spend an afternoon at your local soup kitchen or nursing home and spread the holiday cheer.

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