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The Art of Apologizing: Sharpen Your Sorry Skills

Have you ever had a bad (or back-handed) apology destroy a relationship? Do you freeze when you try to think of the right way to say “I’m sorry”? We may have just the solution for you.

A new four-lesson online workshop, co-facilitated by Harriet Lerner and Brené Brown, teaches us to identify the nine essential ingredients in a heartfelt apology, and to recognize the mischief of defensiveness in ourselves and the non-apologizers in our life.

Together, they will walk through lessons, role play and do exercises that challenge us to explore what it means to give a meaningful apology and how we strengthen ourselves and enhance our relationships, one heartfelt apology at a time.

What you’ll learn:
o Explore the importance of giving and receiving apologies and learn how effective delivery of apologies is crucial to the success of a relationship.
o Distinguish the difference between a heartfelt apology and a half-hearted, inauthentic apology.
o Learn how to put the ingredients of a heartfelt apology into practice.
o Recognize that important elements of offering a heartfelt apology include listening non-defensively and acknowledging the hurt person’s feelings.
o Acknowledge that some people may never apologize for being hurtful; offering a sincere apology stems from a foundation of self-worth.


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