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How to Spot the 8 Different Types of Cheaters

The 8 Different Types of CheatersEver get the feeling you’re not the only one in your man’s life? From the “weekend cheater” to the “dirt-bag cheater,” authors Maxwell Billieon and Ray J identify the various types of unfaithful guys. From Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know about Men Who Stray.

The “Corporate” Cheater
This is the guy who utilizes his job as his cheating grounds. He finds women that are accessible on his job and business trips. He is normally found to have affairs with his assistant, secretary, or his female business affiliates and uses corporate trips as his cheating portal. A very efficient man, he may often have his side woman help disguise his movements.

The “It Wasn’t Me” Cheater
One of the most common cheaters…this cheater is foolishly obvious with his infidelities as he usually learns his cheating skills socially from discussing his exploits with other novice cheaters. When caught with another woman, which shouldn’t be at all surprising, he will always extol that the guy a woman believes she’s caught wasn’t him.

The “Career” Cheater
This man has cheated for as long as he can remember and cheating on a woman is his full-time occupation. He has made a career of it and treats it like a business…keeping schedules and appointments so tight that they run like clockwork.

The “Lifer” Cheater
Older and experienced, the Lifer has been around the block in age and women. He is stuck in a time warp and still needs to feel that he’s got the skills to get a variety of women. His mature age allows him the arrogance to believe that he knows and understands all women, but he has never been honest enough with himself to see that he’s his own worst enemy.

The “Weekend” Cheater
This guy is an opportunist… he likes to party and when he gets an opportunity to do so, he takes full advantage of it. Often loud and outrageous, he likes to hit the fast spots (such as Vegas and Miami) for a weekend with his boys and knows the spots where he can have a quick fling without the high risk of getting caught back home.

The “Looking for Wifey” Cheater
This is a man who truly believes that he is searching for the perfect wife for himself…this is what makes him dangerous. He will cheat in the name of what he believes is his true search for a better woman for himself and cast a line to any woman that he feels could take the current woman’s spot. The problem is that he doesn’t end one relationship before he starts another.

The “Dirt-Bag” Cheater
He is the kind of guy that takes his cheating home. He has virtually no shame in where he does it, as long as he gets to do it. This guy will have sex with another woman in the same bed that he sleeps with his wife in. He is sloppy, so he may not use protection and is known to spread diseases and even get women pregnant that he’s cheated with. He is a true dirt-bag because everyone knows that, even for cheaters, there are some things you simply don’t do.

The “Social Network” Cheater (aka The SNC)
The craftiest and possibly the most savvy of them all…the Social Network cheater uses Facebook, MySpace, BlackPlanet, Hi5, Twitter and other social networks to find women. He maintains a secret profile and may not post his personal photo. He keeps his accounts and passwords hidden and may use a headless picture of his body or a group shot whereby he can tell interested women which face is his, once he solicits them.

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