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The Biggest Dating Deal Breakers

Everyone has dating deal breakers. Some people have just a few, while others have been compiling a laundry list for years. But what are they? According to a YourTango survey, the number one deal-breaker was lack of hygiene, and below is a fascinating list of others. Read about more in Radical Acceptance: The Secret to Happy, Lasting Love.

Below are the results of a survey conducted by YourTango readers regarding their biggest “dating deal breakers”. The list is in descending order.



Radical Acceptance: The Secret to Happy, Lasting Love

by Andrea Miller

48 percent said bad teeth
38 percent said being a cheapskate
35 percent said overly concerned with his/her looks
35 percent said too religious, while 8 percent said not religious enough!
30 percent said sloppiness
28 percent said differing values
28 percent said one of them wants kids and the other does not
28 percent said is too carefree/not stable enough
27 percent said always talks politics
27 percent said too short, while 4 percent said too tall
26 percent said not sufficiently educated
25 percent said dresses poorly
25 percent said shopaholic/spends too much money
23 percent said being too conservative, while only 8 percent said being too liberal was a deal-breaker
21 percent said too many tattoos
21 percent said bad taste/lacks sophistication
18 percent said conflict/disconnect among each other’s friends/ family
18 percent said works too much
16 percent said inappropriate sense of humor
15 percent said stubborn
14 percent said too thin, while 37 percent said too fat
12 percent said doesn’t make enough money
10 percent said too pale, while 6 percent said too dark
8 percent said not enough hair
8 percent said dietary restrictions (e.g., you are vegetarian, he/she loves meat)

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