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Spice up Your Sex Life with a Change of Scenery–at Home!

spice up your sex lifeTry christening these unexpected spots at home, whether you live in a mansion or studio apartment. From The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book.

BEDROOM. Ease your way out of bed and get frisky on a bedroom chair or in front of a full-length or vanity mirror.

BATHROOM. Your tub and shower can set the stage for fabulous foreplay, but we recommend saving intercourse for afterward, as water tends to wash away a woman’s natural lubrication. Plus, there’s nothing sexy about showing up at the ER after a sex-induced slip-and-fall. Men can also bend their partners over the sink for a private quickie.

DINING ROOM. Sweep those dishes onto the floor (or, for a less-destructive option, make sure the table is bare) and get passionate. Armless chairs are also great choices for woman-on-top positions or for sexy lap dances.

DOOR JAM. A door frame can give you some much-needed support during rush-home-and-rip-your-clothes-off standing sex.

KITCHEN. Try out the countertop—just stay clear of the stove.

LIVING ROOM. The couch is a natural nooky spot for movie-night canoodling, but also consider chairs, ottomans, the floor, the coffee table…just do a good cleanup before you have guests.

PORCH. Your sunporch, lanai, balcony, or deck can give you that feeling of public sex with less risk. Be wary of neighbors and traffic if you live in a busy area.


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