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Use These Scents to Rev His Libido

CouplePopcorn_400Order these foods on your next date–or burn these choice candles at home–and he may find you irresistible. From The Body Language of Dating: Read His Signals, Send Your Own, and Get the Guy.

Dr. Alan Hirsch has conducted studies to determine what scents rev up human libidos. Unsurprisingly to me or you, he found that no aromas result in a male libido dip, but he did find that some hold the power to increase blood flow to the penis… and most of them involve food.

Going to the movies? Order black licorice, cola, and buttered popcorn. Not only will the popcorn increase arousal by 9 percent, but the combination of cola and black licorice on your breath will work as a team to make the night’s climax even more exciting.

Not sure which movie theater to patronize? Choose the one that’s adjacent to the mall and share a leisurely stroll before showtime. The smell of cinnamon buns from that oh-so-pungent national chain will give him a 4 percent boost, the odor wafting from the pizzeria will make a 5 percent contribution, and a sampling of vanilla or strawberry body spray from the squirter in the mall’s thoroughfare will excite him.

Want to serve dessert at your place after the movie? Serve pumpkin pie while wearing the essential oil of lavender. This scent combination increases blood flow to the penis by up to 40 percent, leaving your guest like partially cured putty in your hands.

If he’s still there in the morning, serve him a cream-filled doughnut with a side of leftover pumpkin pie (the scent combo will increase arousal by 20 percent), or go for that doughnut with a side of black licorice. Crazy, I know, but you’ll “heighten” his libido by 32 percent. Warning: you might have to skip out on your 8 a.m. yoga class.

The easier route? Buy candles and burn them in these combinations: pumpkin pie and lavender, pumpkin pie and doughnut, doughnut and black licorice, or black licorice and cola. Or burn these single candles: cinnamon bun, vanilla, strawberry, pizza, or buttered popcorn. Yes, believe it or not, there are candle makers out there who have whipped up pizza and popcorn scents. You’d better get cookin’ (or burnin’). The king awaits.


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