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9 Romantic Gestures That Express Tenderness

Certain types of touches, glances, and kisses can demonstrate your love for your significant other. Mabel Iam, author of I LOVE YOU. NOW WHAT? shares 9 types of romantic gestures and what they mean. 

A caress given at just the right moment encompasses the greatest of our human emotions. Thus it is important to know how to caress and be caressed, to flatter and kiss our loved one. How many times have we bypassed those marvelous moments of tenderness that include the following acts:

  1. Holding hands: Lovers love to feel one another’s skin in their hands as they walk down the street, or anytime they want to feel as though they are one being. Interlacing their fingers expresses the passion and tenderness that each one feels toward the other.
  2. Caressing the cheeks or face: This gesture expresses stability in the relationship and the sensation that your partner is passionately attracted to you.
  3. Sincere flattery: It can be a cute come-on such as “You look hot in that dress,” or “Your eyes are lovelier than ever,” “You’re as beautiful as the first time I saw you.” Flattery provokes self-esteem in your partner and is something you should practice every day of your love life.
  4. Pat on the thigh: This is a way of saying “I desire you,” and both men and women will receive the gesture with pleasure and joy. It is also a spontaneous gesture among couples that says, “You are sexy and you are mine.”
  5. Playing with your lover’s hair: Both sexes play with their lover’s hair to express tenderness and interest in their partner.
  6. The lover’s glance: You can actually caress your lover with your eyes and become lost in the other person. This way of expressing love is the best kind of body language that we can offer as a gift of affirmation. Both partners enjoy it when their loved one looks them in the eye when it’s time to express something. This seemingly small detail is capable of melting anybody with love.
  7. Kissing: There are as many types of kisses as there are needs to express feelings of passion, tenderness and sensuality. A kiss given with true tenderness is a loving and refreshing gesture that is perfect any time of day.
  8. Hugging: Hugs provide a plethora of benefits. They erase the feeling of loneliness. They help to assuage fears. They open the door to loving sensations and stimuli. They boost self-esteem. They slow down aging, help to reduce anxiety and are so gratifying that, in fact, I’m running off to hug my husband right this minute.
  9. Sending e-mails or leaving little notes: Send a kiss or say “I love you.” A quick e-mail or short note that expresses your feelings goes a long way toward letting your partner know how much he or she means to you. You don’t need complicated words; just state your feelings. How are you feeling about him or her at that moment? “I can’t stop thinking about you”; “I miss you”; “I need you.” Or send a cute emoticon by e-mail. Don’t wait for a special occasion to say “I love you”; surprise your partner any day of the year.

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Excerpted from I LOVE YOU. NOW WHAT? by Mabel IamCopyright © 2008 by author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

Photo by Tom The Photographer on Unsplash.


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