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Is There Such a Thing as Justifiable Infidelity?

Is There Such a Thing as Justifiable Infidelity?Men whose wives or girlfriends regularly deprive them of sex may feel justified in cheating, warns Tyrese Gibson in his book Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed, with Rev Run.

Unfaithfulness comes so easily to many men because they actually feel justified in cheating. Despite what women think, very few men walk around saying to themselves, I’m going to cheat on this woman and I don’t care how she feels about it. In reality, we actually care a great deal, as twisted as that might sound.

It’s just that for men, there isn’t the same emotional attachment to sex as there is for women. For us, it’s as easy as taking off our shoes.

So, what’s the number one reason compelling most men to feel so sorry for themselves that they can justify cheating?

That’s easy: a lack of sex at home. If a hungry man is not getting his big appetite for sex met at home, he is going to feel justified looking to another woman for it. It’s really that simple.

It could be an issue of quality. It always used to surprise me when a woman wouldn’t want me running around on her yet the sex she was giving me was lackluster. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still take that lackluster sex from her for a while, but I’d also be thinking, It’s time to go out there and find some of the good sex that I’m used to. I have experienced something better than this and I couldn’t erase those memories even if I tried.

Or maybe it’s an issue of quantity, not quality. Perhaps a man is getting good sex, just not enough of it. One time I asked a friend why he was always stepping out on his girl and he told me, “She knows how often I need my ‘medicine,’ but she won’t give it to me. What am I supposed to do, just stay here? No, I gotta do what I gotta do, period.” For my friend, sex was the fix he claimed he “needed.”

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