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Is He Into You? 9 Signs He Might Be

Man_400His posture, gestures, other body-language expressions act as subconscious clues that he’s interested. Here’s how to recognize them. From The Body Language of Dating: Read His Signals, Send Your Own, and Get the Guy.

The Package Point: Will his package point? I don’t know, and frankly, I’d like to leave that between him and the woman he’s interested in. What I am certain of is this: if a man wants to let a woman know that his jewels are valuable and worth sharing, he’ll put his hands in his pockets or hook his thumbs into his belt and point to his genitals.

Open for Business: If a man’s chest and torso are unobstructed by his arms, he’s feeling open, both physically and mentally, to the woman he’s looking at or interacting with. This usually means that his arms aren’t crossed. They might be hanging relaxed at his sides. They might also be perched on his hips to make him appear larger and more attractive/intimidating.

Buff Behavior: When a man sucks in his stomach, puffs out his chest, stands as tall as his stature will allow, and flexes his muscles, he’s doing his utmost to appear as robust and buff as possible. This is his attempt to seem fit for doing business with the woman he considers to be a hot item.

Gender Enlightenment: Chest inflation, stomach tucking, shoulder squaring, and swaggering indicate sexual interest in a flirting context. However, if a man is displaying this behavior in a room full of men or in a professional setting, it could be accurately assumed that he is demonstrating alpha dominance.

Preening to Perfection: If a man is pulling up his socks, straightening his tie, tucking in his shirt, brushing lint from his shoulder, pulling his sport coat into alignment . . . he could be attempting to look good for a woman. Couple these physical fixups with other interest cues and a woman can confidently assume that he likes her.

The Comb-Through: Whether a man is checking the altitude of his spikes, shaking out his curls, giving his locks a look in the back of a spoon, doing the Fonzie, or running a pocket comb through his mullet, he’s preening his coat for the woman who’s been interacting with him—either from afar or up close. Even if the man’s hairstyle is the worst of news, the good news is that he’s into her.

The Magic Mirror: If he’s mirroring, or imitating, a woman’s actions, he’s feeling as close to her as a crowded room will allow. Following a person’s cues creates a commonality between two people and indicates intense interest. If a woman wants to see if a man will copy her, she should allow him five to thirty seconds to act like a copycat.

The Stick Out: Being swallowed by the crowd is no way to get noticed, and a man who wants a woman’s attention knows this.

Human See, Human Do
“Monkey see, monkey do” is no longer the measure by which imitation is appraised. It seems that it may soon be replaced by “Human see, human do.” Thanks to a new study at the University of California, Los Angeles, it has been proven that mirror neurons, our brain’s mechanisms for subconscious imitation of others, do exist.

For years, scientists suspected that mirror neurons were viable entities, and used that “existence” as an explanation for empathy and for our tendencies to copy others whom we feel close to. More recently, researchers at UCLA have found that neurons in areas of the brain responsible for movement, vision, and memory lit up when a person performed an action, but in tantalizing similarity, they also lit up when a person watched that action being performed. Interestingly, they found that mirror cells were more active during actual activity and less active during watching. This could be the brain’s method for separating empathy from action—a sort of brake that keeps us from random imitation… unless that system is overridden by intense attraction.

This study breaks some pretty tough ground and goes miles in proving that when Hot Stuff sips from his drink, scratches his head, or shakes his tail feathers in brilliant imitation of you, any resolve he has is breaking down like the ozone layer. Maybe now when someone asks, “If he jumps off a cliff will you do it, too?” you can say, “Only if my mirror neurons tell me to.

He might step away from his group to catch her eye so he can more effectively demonstrate the heat that’s building for her.

The Bust-a-Move: Often an interested man will make a quick, boisterous, or out-of-context movement in order to attract a woman’s attention. He might talk with animated hand movements, laugh loudly, break into a game of shuffleboard, or hit the dance floor without shame. Even if he’s not Fred Astaire, his attempt at cutting the rug to shreds marks him as an interested prospect.

The Pointer Brothers: A man will point his feet in the direction that he’d walk if unrestrained. Therefore, if his feet are pointed toward one particular woman, she’s his destination of choice.

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