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How to Write the Perfect Online Dating Email

OnlineDater_400Want to craft an amazing online note to find your potential mate? Here are 3 easy tips to attract your suitor’s attention. From Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating.

1. Get a match’s attention. Technology should always work for you, not against you. But the truth is that with so many potential matches online, it’s possible that Mr. or Ms. Right (or Right Now) might not come across your profile. Maybe your profile doesn’t make a cameo until page 10 of their search results. If they sign off after viewing only five pages, they’ll miss you entirely. What you’re saying at the most basic level when you send an email is “I exist, listen up!”

2. Qualify yourself. Vouching for yourself as a qualified match is important. So even though you’ve already created a profile, you want to rehash what makes you a clickable mate for them. Avoid pleas (“If you like what you saw on my profile, too, message me back”) and basics (“I’m a well-educated, charming, and funny guy looking for a woman like you”), and qualify yourself more naturally by mentioning an interest or two that you share.

3. Start a conversation. Remember that messaging takes two—if you don’t begin chatting, you’ll never get offline. Encourage conversation and responses by writing an email meant specifically for him or her, and then ask a question. Questions show that you have genuine interest in getting to know someone and really begin the conversation.


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