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How to Thrill Your Man on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's DayGuys like to feel special on V-Day, too. Here are eight ways to make your day together unforgettable. From Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know about Men Who Stray.

Model Your Sexy Underwear: Try out those new boy shorts, thongs and G-strings. Instead of doing the typical V-Day red, go for his favorite color.

Sport His Favorite Team Gear: Oh yeah! The super-short, skin-tight jersey of his favorite team will do the trick.

Rent His Favorite Car: Rent his favorite car to make the ride to and from dinner extra sexy.

Get Him a Watch: Every man should have a good watch; splurge on him within budget.

Get Him Shoes: Guys have to stay up on their shoe game as well, and women can lead the way.

Get Him a Suit: Get him something that you’d like to see him in all the time. Learn his correct suit size and put it on your tab. Then pull it out on V-Day as you get ready for dinner. He will feel like James Bond in Casino Royale.

Get a Tattoo: No, you don’t have to get a real tattoo; opt for one of the temporary fake ones in his name. Plenty of shops do them now and you can get it put in his favorite personal spot on your body so he feels extra-special at the right moment.

Most importantly, when a woman shows her attraction to her man on V-Day it will cause him to want to keep the romance going. It’s not about telling him how good he looks or smells…it’s about showing your attraction in your actions. And ladies, nothing says you’re attracted to us like a night of mutual appreciation, if you get what I’m saying!


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