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Your Fix: How to Thank Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day may only come around once a year to remind us to thank Mom, but the ladies in our lives deserve admiration and appreciation every day. Raising a child is not for the faint of heart, and everyone does their best. Changing ripe diapers, patiently reading the same bedtime story a zillion times, enthusiastically attending every game or concert, awkwardly explaining the birds and the bees, and handing over the car keys for the first time are just a few ways they show they care. A mom’s job doesn’t end when her children reach adulthood, either. They’re still on speed dial for advice and help through major milestones. Many also help raise grandchildren. Even when they’re no longer with us, our mother figures often end up being the voice inside our heads.

How do you thank a woman who has had such a big impact on you? The challenge is real. For this reason, we present to you a roundup of suggestions for how to show your love and thank Mom this Mother’s Day (and every day). Planning to send a card and a bouquet of flowers? A list of quotes may help you write a heartfelt message. Having her over for lunch? A new recipe could kick the meal up a notch. Searching for the perfect new book for the person who first taught you how to read? A bookish Mother’s Day Gift Guide offers surefire recommendations based on her interests. Plus, if you’re still torn on how to celebrate, ideas for 10 entertaining ways to spend the day will give you all the inspiration you need.

Thanks for everything, moms of the world. Cheers to you!

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