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How to Talk Openly with Your Partner about Sex

Coupleinbed_400Want to try something new, but are too embarrassed to start the conversation? These three tips will help loosen you up. From The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book

Time it right. You might be worried that your partner will judge you, but the truth is that most guys are intrigued and excited to learn that their lover wants to try something new. However, the time and place to start the chat are crucial. You’ll want to wait until he’s relaxed and happy—not when he’s rushing to work, or exhausted, or grumpy. One idea: Plan a romantic evening, share a few glasses of wine, nosh on some chocolate, and let the sexy conversation flow naturally.

Keep things positive. Present your desires in a positive light. Let your partner know that you already find your sex life so exciting that you’re inspired to take it a step even further. Be sure he understands that you’re already sexually satisfied and that nothing is lacking in your relationship.

Frame it as a fantasy. If you’re having trouble articulating what you want to do, pose it to your partner as a fantasy. Or tell him that you had a supersexy dream about him, hether that involved tying him up, or dressing as a hot cop, or experimenting with some back-door action. Chances are, he’ll want to hear more.


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