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How to Have a Great Sex Life

Coupleinbed_400Although sexy lingerie never hurt anyone’s sex life, how long does it even stay on? From What Makes Love Last? How to Build Trust and Avoid Betrayal: Secrets from the Love Lab.

I don’t doubt that maintaining a distance from your partner can make sex more alluring for some. But “stranger sex” is not what most couples seek. They desire a great erotic life and a deep emotional bond—and they want to enjoy both of these pleasures with the same person. It’s healthy to have some distance from each other. You don’t bring much to a relationship without a strong sense of individuality—your own hobbies, friendships, opinions. But you also need to share for your sex life to thrive. Revealing lingerie may kick-start a romantic evening, but revealing yourself is what keeps the passion burning through the years. This process takes more effort to master than a striptease.


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