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How to Celebrate Your Friendships

gourmet grillingWe all need our group of people. We can trust them with our deepest secrets and rely on them for comfort, love and support. It’s important to celebrate these wonderful people as much as we can. Meera Lester, author of RITUALS FOR LIFE, shares the best ways to celebrate friendships.

Friends bring out the best in you; they act as your reflecting mirrors, revealing your wholesomeness and best features as well as untoward, unwholesome, or unseemly actions, which they discourage. If you have a vision but can’t achieve it alone, you surround yourself with the team that can make your vision a reality. It’s a concept that works well in business and also in friendships. Some life experiences are difficult and challenging to face without support—for example, a natural catastrophe, life-threatening illness, business setback, or career or personal loss. Pals who care as much about you as you respect and cherish them will accompany you on your life’s journey and help you navigate the pitfalls and obstacles even as they lift and inspire you. They’re loyal and will keep your confidences. They rejoice at your successes and good fortune.

Waft around some attar of rose essential oil and light a pink candle (pink and rose are colors associated with love and compassion) and then write personal notes to your closest friends, expressing heartfelt appreciation for the gifts they bring to your life.

Friends influence your life in powerful ways, from helping you establish the direction you’re headed to shaping your sense of self. With friends, you live longer, improve mental acuity, and expand your interests. Often, it is through friends that you find a mentor or meet a romantic partner. In friendship, you often align with others like you. However, you might benefit even more by choosing friends from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds because they expand your knowledge of the world. Think of your friends as your life’s support network. Honor them with your loyalty, support, and compassion, but don’t be afraid to weed out those demanding too much time and using your friendship only to vent stress. Celebrate and nurture the abundance available to you through friendship.

Once a month, gather with friends to eat and discuss a single deep question (philosophical, spiritual, or on a topic that forces everyone to delve into themselves for insights). Write your question on paper. Hold the paper in your hands. Read it to those gathered to start the discussion. Let food nourish your bodies, a ritual question nourish your minds, and the regular gathering strengthen the bonds of friendships.

Do you know the 7 qualities of a good friend? 

 Excerpted from Rituals for Life by Meera Lester. Copyright © 2018 Adams Media, a division of Simon and Schuster. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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