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How to Apply First-Date Makeup in Under 10 Minutes

This look can be done in 5 to 10 minutes, giving you more time to spend on your outfit. Learn how with help from Lauren Luke, YouTube sensation and author of Lauren Luke Looks: 25 Celebrity and Everyday Makeup Tutorials.

The Palette
-Ivory creamy eyeshadow
-Silvery-pink frosted eyeshadow
-Black cream eyeliner
-Mid-pink matte powder blush
-Mauve-caffe-latte-colored lipstick
-Peachy-pink lip gloss
-Black mascara

1. Use your third finger to prime the eyelid with an ivory creamy eyeshadow, taking it right up to the eyebrow bone. Lightly run a little eyeshadow along the lower lash line with your third finger. Use an eyebrow brush to apply a silvery pink frosted eyeshadow, from the inner corner working across the eyelid in a patting motion and then back and forth across the crease. Extend the color slightly outwards.

2. Close your eye and, using a creamy black eyeliner pencil, gently tease a light line from halfway across the upper eyelid to the outer edge and just beyond. It should be nice and smoky — but not too much.

3. Dab a fluffy brush into a mid-pink matte powder blush, smile, and apply lightly over the apple of the cheek in an up-down motion, extending almost to the hairline, following the shape of the cheek.

4. The lips. Apply a mauve-caffe-latte-color lipstick, and then a peachy-pink lip gloss. Rub your lips together to blend the colors.

5. Mascara. Tip your head back and apply a little black mascara to the upper lashes, pushing upwards (not outwards). Be sparing, you don’t want your lashes too well covered.

Lauren Luke, author of Lauren Luke Looks: 25 Celebrity and Everyday Makeup Tutorials, is a 27-year-old single mom from England who is the poster child for the power of new media. Her homemade makeup tutorials showing viewers how to recreate celebrity looks became an Internet phenomenon.

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