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Girl Code: 1 Rule You Should Never Break

Friends_fighting_300Sloppy seconds? There’s something really wrong with a woman who dates her friends’ exes, says Big Ang, star of the hit reality show Mob Wives and author of Bigger Is Better: Real-Life Wisdom From the No-Drama Mama.

No matter how handsome or rich a man might be, if he’s been with one of my friends, he is off-limits. I don’t care if he was with the friend ten years ago, or twenty years ago. If she says she doesn’t care who he gets in bed with, it doesn’t matter. She might even believe it to the bottom of her heart. But if her pal got with the guy, and she found out—even if she hasn’t thought about him in years—she’ll feel betrayed, which will turn into anger. And, guaranteed, she won’t be pissed off at the guy for putting his dick where it doesn’t belong. She’ll be furious with her girlfriend.

Men think they’re the territorial ones. But women are much worse. Once a woman has been naked with someone, it’s like she’s put her mark on him. No matter how many other women he sleeps with, has kids with, or marries after her, in her head, she has a claim. I’m not saying it makes any sense. But I’ve seen friendships explode over some guy neither woman cared about or even liked.

On the other side, the one who got there second (or hundredth) will always wonder, did he like her more? Did he think she was sexier? Imagining your friend with your boyfriend, being intimate? That’s not a good picture for a new relationship. Plus, there’s always the danger that, once this guy is brought back into your social circle, he’ll want to have sex with his ex again. Men (and some women) believe that if they’ve been with someone before—even years before—and they do it again, it’s not cheating. Wrong. But it does happen.

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