Lisa Rinna Declares Her ‘Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book’ the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey Workbook’

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Lisa Rinna's new Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book is like a Fifty Shades of Grey workbook with beginner BDSM tipsCelebrities are currently vying for roles in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, the bestselling, soft-core trilogy that’s making waves in bedrooms and newsrooms across the country for its themes of female submission and sexual role-play. But one celebrity is busy helping readers curious about the book’s sultrier scenes apply them to their own sex lives.

Lisa Rinna, who stars on Days of Our Lives, has co-authored (with renowned sex therapist Ian Kerner) The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book, which shares steamy bedroom tips to reignite broken, stale, or non-existent libidos. “It’s like a workbook for the Fifty Shades of Grey series,” she says. “Get it and use it!”

Part of the maniacal attention paid to Fifty Shades of Grey is due to its shining a light on too-often overlooked female sexuality, while some critics claim the book’s depiction is actually a step back for women. Others clearly relish the off-the-charts erotic relationship between college student Anastasia Steele and business entrepreneur Christian Grey, claiming that the story has helped them reinvent their inner sexual daredevil.

VIDEO: Lisa Rinna Dishes on Her New Sex Book

In their new book, Rinna and Kerner share beginner pointers and suggestions for those who are interested in trying BDSM (Bondage, Dominance/Discipline, Submission/Sadism, Masochism) to try out some of these themes at home.

Perhaps no type of sexual activity requires safety instructions more than BDSM. Here are our “do’s and don’ts” for having a good, safe time.

—Do start slow. If you or your partner is new to BDSM, you may want to begin by simply blindfolding him or allowing him to gently smack your butt with his palm.

—Don’t restrain any body part so that it loses feeling and becomes numb. Leave at least two fingers’ worth of space between the body and the binding—and never restrain the neck.

—Do choose material that won’t chafe or injure the person who is being tied up.

— Don’t leave a bound person unattended or restrain someone when either of you is intoxicated.

—Do take your time, teasing and taunting your partner to keep him guessing.

—Don’t forget to mix pleasure with pain, gently massaging or stimulating your partner between spanks, for example.

—Do remember to choose a safe word and use it whenever you want to stop the action.

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