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Game Night: 6 Excuses to Break Out Some Board Games

Board games are great opportunities to bond with friends and family by incorporating some friendly competition. Bebo, author of THE EVERYTHING TABLETOP GAME BOOK, shares some excuses for when you should break out some board games.

One of the great things about tabletop games is that they fit on, well, a table. They come in a variety of sizes and take different amounts of time to play. For each of the games described in this book, we’ve listed some times and places that would be good to play. These times and places reflect the culture of tabletop gaming, which includes family gatherings, a group of friends getting together for an evening of game play, tabletop gaming at your local game store, and much more. What connects all these options is the idea of people coming together over games.

#1. When you’re at a dinner party.

Dinner parties are a great time to break out a game. After all, your guests are already sitting around a table, and games can supplement your sparkling conversation. Generally games that are good for dinner parties don’t last too long (your guests can’t stay up all night gaming) and aren’t super-strategic, since after a good dinner no one wants to think too hard.

#2. When you’re having a game night.

One of the great things about an organized game night is that there can be several games going at once. The games with this designation take about the same amount of time to play, so everyone will finish at about the same time. They also require about the same number of players, so it’s easy to split up your guests between several games

#3. When you’re in a large group.

Some of the games in this book are meant for parties—they’re aimed at involving a large number of people. These can be crazy fun and can help break the ice if people at the party don’t all know each other. Keep in mind that your gregarious friends probably won’t love deckbuilding or heavier strategy games as much as your quiet or focused friends. Ask your friends what games they enjoy, and let their answers guide your choice.

#4. When it’s time for a little competition.

Although some of the games described in this book depend on team work, others… not so much. If you’re keen to beat out your opponents and show them who’s king of the mountain, you’ll find lots of ultra-competitive games here. Be ruthless, have no mercy on your foes, and rise to the top.

#5. When you’re in a tabletop game marathon.

There are few things more fun than getting your friends together for an entire day (and night, sometimes) of gaming. The games with this designation are flexible in how many people can play, can last for hours of gaming fun, and don’t take themselves too seriously.

#6. When you need to relax.

Whether you’re competitive or cooperative, tabletop gaming is a great way to kick back and have fun. These games aren’t especially difficult, aren’t hypercompetitive, and aren’t likely to get anyone mad. They’re just relaxing, easy-going games.

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Excerpted from The Everything Tabletop Games Book by Bebo. Copyright © 2019 by the author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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