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Your Fix: When a Kiss Is More Than Just a Kiss

You Can Be Right (or You Can Be Married), Dana Adam Shapiro, marriage, relationshipsSometimes, a kiss between a couple really is just a kiss–a casual “Hello,” “Good-bye,” or “Thank you.” But more often than not, a kiss is a powerful expression of intimacy and love. From hot, passionate makeouts in the throes of lust to sweet, romantic embraces in more mundane moments, kisses can launch a new relationship…and keep the flame alive years later. They can communicate comfort and support in times of sorrow, and they can be an outpouring of excitement and happiness at good news. The possibilities are endless! And that’s great–if also a tad overwhelming to navigate at times.

Have you ever spent way too much time analyzing each moment of a smooch and what it meant? You’re not alone! Which why we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite guides to kisses, plus a scientific explanation for we enjoy locking lips in the first place…

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