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Your Fix: How to Be a Good Friend

feminismDo you have friends you could call at 2 a.m. who would not only pick up the phone but come running if you needed help?

If you answered “yes,” then hold onto those people and keep them close, because that is the mark of true friendship. Now ask yourself: Could your best pals say the same about you? No matter how busy life gets, showing our loved ones that we are with them through thick and thin, for celebrations and pity parties alike, should be a priority. Yet that’s easier said than done sometimes, isn’t it? So check out the links below for some easy guides on how to remind your buddies how much you care about them too.

If you answered “no” to my first question but want to change that, you can! By getting to know the qualities of a good friend and following the tips below, you can not only deepen the relationships you already have, but also forge new ones. Common interests and shared experiences often kickstart friendships, but demonstrating dependability, honesty, and loyalty are just a few of the key ways you can strengthen them.

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