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Find Love with the Right Body Language

body languageBefore you even say a word, your body language is expressing some sort of message to an outside observer. The message or signal that is being interpreted can form the basis of any first impression, and greatly affect the subsequent relationship. In a budding-romantic relationship, body language is especially crucial for conveying the right signs to a prospective partner. Learn the proper body cue’s from Andrea Miller’s Radical Acceptance:The Secret to Happy, Lasting Love.

When it comes to making decisions about your relationship, it helps to be calm and confident. No matter if you’re dating or if you’re in a relationship, this begins with body language. In 2012, the Harvard University social scientist Amy Cuddy gave a wonderful TED Talk about the degree to which our body language affects confidence levels and impacts mental and emotional states, creating a powerful physiological feedback loop. By being aware of your posture, you can reduce anxiety and stress levels, boost your confidence, and send positive signals to those around you. Cuddy and her team classified various body positions as “high power” and “low power.”

High-power poses are open and relaxed. When standing, that means legs shoulder width, elbows out, chin up, and hands on your hips. When sitting, it means your legs spread out or one leg propped on the other. One arm can be sprawled out on a nearby chair, or spread out on the table. Maybe they are flexed behind your back. But most importantly, you are open and relaxed. You are calm, confident, and ready for anything.

Low-power poses are the opposite. When standing, both your legs and arms are crossed, your knees bent. Your chin is down and your eyes are looking toward the floor. When sitting, your knees are together and your feet crossed. Your hands are locked together, you’re rubbing them together or along your arms and legs. Your shoulders are hunched. This body language represents being closed and guarded.

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