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Find Love by Losing Your Fear

relationshipWe all want to find Mr./Ms. Right. Love is about being ok with the possibility of forever, but also knowing that sometimes life will get in the way. We will have to overcome those challenges as a team, regardless of how difficult they might be. Love is one of the most rewarding aspects of life and Cleo Wade, author of HEART TALK, shares why we need to unpack our fear.

You want to find love?

Lose your fear.

You want to stay in love?

Lose your ego.

How many times have we let our fear of getting hurt or disappointed keep us from love? Love requires us to unpack our fear and pain so those feelings do not interfere with our ability to thrive in connection with others. This process requires a level of bravery, vulnerability, and intimacy that can be scary and deeply uncomfortable, but real love only exists outside of our comfort zone. We can only step into love when we leave our fear behind. To be fearless is to be afraid of something but to do it anyway. Be fearless. Take the first step. Once we choose love, the work to maintain our love begins. The first step in this is conquering our ego. A loving relationship is built on compromise and working with our partner to continuously evolve into our best selves. This is not possible without hard truths, tough conversations, personal growth, and behavioral shifts. The ego does not like any of this. The ego wants us to believe that we are always right and that our way of doing things is always the best way. Our spirit, on the other hand, knows that the people we love are in our life to challenge us to rise to new levels of consideration and care in all that we do. We cannot truly choose to invest in love while our ego is present, for real love runs on selflessness, and the ego runs on selfishness.

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