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Don’t Pass on Male Bonding

 bromanceUs ladies might roll our eyes at another guys’ night, but this is an important ritual. This doesn’t mean they’re all getting together and gushing their feelings. The mere act of spending time together helps the male bonding process. After all, we all need to keep a portion of our individual lives. The Art of Manliness by Brett and Kate McKay explains why.

Any relationship, including the man friendship, needs communication to survive. Most guys aren’t keen on having heart-to-hearts. Spending regular time together, even without much talking can be enough. But if you move to different locales, you’ll have to make an effort to stay in touch. Guys generally don’t enjoy talking on the phone, and we usually aren’t big e-mail writers either. But there is a long-standing, centuries-old tradition that has kept man friends connected over whole lifetimes: letter writing.

Snail mail may have fallen out of favor with most of society, but it’s key in maintaining healthy friendships. Sure e-mail is easy, but it’s also easily ignored. We let it sit there and in a few days it has disappeared to another page and out of our brains. Letter writing is some- thing altogether different: Real and tangible, it leaves your hands and physically plants itself in the life of your friend. There it is, a part of you, sitting on their kitchen counter. People can’t throw stuff like that away. A letter practically requires an answer. Commit to writing your friend once a month; it will keep alive your bond no matter where life takes the both of you.

If the male bonding requires dressing up, knowing which tie knot to use is just as important.


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