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Do Something Thoughtful for Your Spouse Today

Merissa Alink, Little House Living, doing something special for your spouseAfter a long day at work, I know that the last thing that my husband wants to come home to is a big mess and nothing to eat, I know I wouldn’t want to! Doing something thoughtful for your spouse doesn’t always have to mean pulling out all the stops and surprising them with a vacation or fancy jewelry, it means finding something that you can do for them that makes their life a little bit more simple today. There are so many different things that you can try, here are some ideas to get you started.

Just think about what you would want. In my example above, I shared how I would love to come home to a clean house and a warm meal if I was out working outside of the home all day. Generally if it’s something I would like, my husband would appreciate it too! What is something that you would like that you could do for your significant other? Perhaps make a special dessert to go with dinner tonight? Or maybe pick up her groceries while you are in town instead of having her get them? Thinking this way makes it easy to find thoughtful things to do for your spouse.

Write a love letter. We may not live in the day and age where the love letter is very popular but that doesn’t mean that it’s not still appreciated! Make a little card and write a love letter to your significant other. Place it on top of their pillow or maybe on the seat of their car for a special little surprise. No texting or emailing…it must be on paper and it must be handwritten.

Take the kids for a little bit. Take the kids on a mom/dad date and let your spouse stay home alone to get things done that they’ve been needing to do or just to relax. It could be something as simple as taking the kids out for a walk around the neighborhood or to the park or perhaps taking them for the whole day for a fun activity. The bonus to this one is that your kids will enjoy spending special time just with you!

Whatever you find to do for your significant other, as long as you put a bit of thought behind it, it will be special and appreciated! What kind of simple things have you done for your significant other recently that they’ve enjoyed?

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