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4 Tips on How to Flirt–from a Guy’s Perspective

Flirting can be fun, but it can be nerve-wracking too. If only there were a way to read men’s minds about what, exactly, they’re looking for when we’re trying to capture their attention at the bar… Luckily, the Betches, authors of I HAD A NICE TIME AND OTHER LIES, had the same idea. In a special selection from their book, they get a guy’s point of view on the topic and share his 4 pro tips on how to flirt:

#1. Go Out With a Game Plan

Proper planning prevents piss-poor pickup lines, as they say. If you’re going out with friends, determine beforehand who’s looking to meet guys, or is at least open to the idea. Nothing’s going to throw a guy off his game like Becky’s drunk ass waddling up and being all [Hiccup] Who the fuck are you and why do you think you can talk to my friend? It puts guys on the defensive and is embarrassing. Besides, just use girl magic to call in the troops if a guy’s company is unwanted.

#2. Show That You’re Having Fun

It’s not your obligation to be the life of the party, but if you’re having fun where you are, show it—smile, laugh, dance, etc. The kind of guys you’d want to talk to (that is, guys who are chill and social and having fun) look for the same things in girls.

#3. Make Eye Contact

Like the Betches said, easily the biggest thing you can do to ease the transition from “ooh, she’s hot” to “hey gorgeous, what’s your name,” and it costs you practically nothing. When a guy feels like you want his attention, his stress level drops about 1,000 percent, and he’s way less likely to hide behind lame come-ons. Throw a smile in there if you’re not sure he’s picking up what you’re laying down, and it’ll be smooth sailing (if he’s interested, that is).

#4. Don’t Be Afraid to Break the Ice

I’m aware this borderline violates some tenet of betchiness, but I’m not talking about outright hitting on a guy. If a guy you have your eye on (and who you suspect has his eye on you) isn’t taking the bait, consider a harmless non sequitur to break that invisible barrier.

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Excerpted from I Had A Nice Time And Other Lies by BetchesCopyright © 2016 by author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

Photo by Hunter Newton on Unsplash


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