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9 Ways to Find More Spare Time

Find more spare time for your loved one by turning off the TV or shutting down your computerThe best reason for finding extra hours in the day is to spend them with people who are important to us. Here, 9 simple ways to make it happen, from One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity, by Debbie Macomber, who spends her free time with husband Wayne.

Eliminate Time Wasters
•    Television. Did you know that, on average, the American adult spends 2.5 hours a day watching television? Just think, cutting television viewing in half would add 5 percent more time to your day. Eliminating television altogether would potentially give you more than 10 percent more time.
•    Internet and e-mail. If we want to invest in the people we care about, we need to analyze where we spend our time. If Internet and e-mail are consuming more time than the people in our family, it’s time to take stock.
•    Chores. The mundane tasks we do each day eat up huge chunks of time. By investing some time and research into improving productivity and cutting needless steps, we can recoup some of that time.

•    When I do sit down to watch television, I always take out my knitting. Doing two things at once makes me more productive.
•    When Wayne and I take long road trips, we often listen to books on tape. It helps pass the time plus it gives us fodder for conversation.
•    I often combine things on my to-do list with friend time. Christmas shopping with friends or going to a bookstore together just makes visiting all the more fun.

Reclaim Lost Snippets of Time
•    You’d be surprised at how much time you spend waiting. Always tuck a book in your purse or your pocket for those late appointments or time spent at school in the carpool queue.
•    One friend does ankle-flexing exercises while waiting at long stoplights.
•    Waiting for a pot to come to a boil? Write a note of encouragement to a friend.



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