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7 Easy Tips for Your Best Online Dating Photos

VictorianLove_300A picture is worth a thousand words. Laurie Davis, author of Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating, offers simple tips to best capture the lens and ultimately the heart of your mate.

• Ask questions now. If you have any hesitations, don’t wait until the day of your shoot to talk to whoever is taking your pics. Having peace of mind will help calm your nerves. See the “Going Pro” section below for the types of questions you might want to ask.

• Don’t pregame. Drinking too much —the night before or during the shoot—will read in photos. Admit it, hungover or tipsy is never your best look.

• Pack wisely. Bring hair product, makeup, deodorant, and any other primping items to refresh yourself throughout the shoot. When in doubt, throw it in your bag.

• Be on time. Respect other people’s time by showing up a few minutes early. In the most extreme case, running late—particularly for a professional photographer—might mean a shorter shoot and not getting all of the right photos for your profile.

• Sleep. A full night’s rest is worth its weight in gold. Feel guilt-free about going to bed early the night before so you’re freshfaced for the shoot.

• Pay up front. If you’re compensating the person behind the lens for his or her time, take care of payment in advance. Even if the photographer doesn’t ask you to pay ahead of time, it’s best to get this out of the way so you can be completely focused on the task at hand, instead of wondering where the closest ATM is.

• Relax. Laugh at yourself for doing this —it’s OK! Taking a light-hearted approach to the whole situation will calm your demeanor and body language, allowing the best shots to come through the lens.

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