6 Steps to Creating a Sexy “Date Night” Outfit

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How to look fabulous in an outfit that sparkles for the evening — even if you’ve been married to your date for years. From Before You Put That On by style guru Lloyd Boston

Remember the excitement you once felt while preparing for an exciting date? How you rushed around to find the perfect, well, everything? You took care to make sure each element looked just right — from your hairstyle to your pedicure. Even the scent you wore was carefully selected. Then, before you stepped out for the evening, you glance back at your reflection in the mirror and loved who you saw smiling back.

Why do women ever stop this magical practice of taking extra time to romance themselves in hopes of romancing that special someone? The answer lies in one word: life — the rigors of which can slowly erode your interest in getting fabulous. Heck, some days it’s a challenge to simply function. That’s why the date-night look is the perfect remedy, even when it’s not actually your first date.

Feature Your Best Feature
Tastefully show off your best physical feature while leaving room for the imagination. Your sensual shoulders, your beautiful back, those gorgeous gams, even just your pretty smile — choose what feature works best for you, and show it off in styles or with products that highlight it. And remember, when it comes to inspiring romance, a little mystery goes a long way. You don’t have to be skimpy to be sexy.

Be Scent-sational
Mark the occasion with a glorious new fragrance that will linger in your date’s mind. Henceforth, every time they catch a whiff of it, there will be a reminder of you.

Goddess in the Details
Regardless of what you wear, get a fresh manicure, pedicure, and professional haircut and styling. Plain and simple, good grooming goes a long way. People notice the details!

Fine and Fancy-Free
Depending on what you have planned, a nice-fitting pair of jeans and a fresh white T-shirt is a stylish, comfortable option. It’s an alluring, fun look that doesn’t shout high maintenance.

Have Fun
Dress for the date’s theme. If you are going dancing, wear a skirt with flare and movement (think gentle ruffles or pleats). If you meet over a candlelight dinner, wear something that has a slight reflective quality above the waist, so you shimmer all night long. Think ahead and play into the night’s mood with clothes and accessories that are comfy and appropriate for the occasion.

Underneath It All
New, alluring underwear will make you feel special and fresh — even if your date never gets a peek!

Lloyd Boston, author of Before You Put That On: 365 Daily Style Tips for Her (Copyright © 2005 by Lloyd Boston), is the former vice president of art direction at Tommy Hilfiger and a current on-air fashion editor for Today, America’s #1 morning show. Lloyd has spread his style philosophy on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, and CNN’s red carpet Oscar coverage. He is based in New York City.



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