5 Simple Ways to Spot a Cheater

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5 ways to find out if he's cheating by Death of a Cheating Man authors Ray J and Maxwell BillieonTired of worrying about a girl on the side? These basic skills will help you identify a potential cheater before you get too involved. From Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know about Men Who Stray, by Maxwell Billieon and Ray J.

Ask the Right Questions
Cheaters prey on the ignorant. When a woman asks the right strategic questions, a cheater will shy away from them. They get annoyed and it feels like it may take too much work to keep up the charade.

Ask Questions
Some questions you can use to sniff a cheater out are:
Can I meet your friends?
Can I meet your parents?
Can I meet you at your job for lunch?
Can I use your cell phone for the day?
Can I borrow your social network page (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to see how it works?

You should also be willing to offer the same access to them in return. If you find that all of the answers to your questions are no, or you’re being asked why you need these things, then the odds are there is something to be concerned about.

Request Their Availability
Cheaters aren’t readily available because obviously they’re dividing their time up behind the scenes. Asking a cheater for their availability and expecting that they will make themselves available for you is a surefire way to figure out if you’re being played. If someone never has time for you; asks to see you at weird hours or can’t make themselves available per your requests, then obviously something’s up.

Get Them to Prove That They Are Single
In this day and age, you can’t accept that someone is single because they say they are. Asking them to show you where they live or having them pick you up in their car are two ways to see their environment to decipher if anything seems out of the ordinary. Someone who makes excuses why they can’t take you to their house either lives with their mother, or has something to hide. Either way, it’s probably better to keep it moving.

Offer Them the Opportunity to Get Involved in Your Circle
One of the things that a cheater likes to do is hide in the dark. Not only do they want to keep you away from their friends or inner circle, but they don’t want to take chances that they will be spotted by someone in yours. Asking them to meet your friends, family, associates or anyone else that you trust to give you an honest opinion may pull a cheater out of their comfort zone. It’s normal for someone interested in a woman to want to see her environment, so if he doesn’t, then that should be enough of a sign to not take the chance. If he does, the wisdom you receive from your circle may help to ease your mind if you are misjudging someone at all.

Go Out Locally
A cheater usually takes their real woman out locally, and takes the others outside of their immediate area or keeps things on the low by only going to their house or a hotel. Asking them to take you to local restaurants, clubs, movie theaters, museums, malls and any place where they hang out regularly, is one of the best ways to find out who you’re dealing with. Keep in mind that if a guy is willing to take you to his local spots and put you within his environment, then he’s either a really good cheater, or a really good guy.

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