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5 Dating Tips Everyone Should Know

Dating tipsDating is hard. And it seems to get harder the more you do it. Which is why we’ve put together these tried and true dating tips from Keith Bradford, author of Life Hacks.

No matter what dating stage you’re at: curiosity, interest, or infatuation. Or what your evening plans are: hanging out or hooking up, this advice will help you figure out if you have a chance with that special someone.

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As you get ready for your next party or date, remember these dating tips. They’ll help you determine if someone is interested in you, strike up a conversation, avoid being tripped up by fake numbers, and, if the night goes well, make a hickey disappear.

Not sure if someone is interested in you? Look at their eyes. People’s pupils expand by about 45% when looking at a love interest.

When meeting someone for the first time, ask them what they like to do rather than what they do. It’ll get them excited and make for better conversation.

Want someone’s number at a party? Take a picture with them and ask them to send it to you.

Suspect someone is giving you the wrong phone number? Read it back to them incorrectly, and if they correct you, it’s legit.

When on a date, the best way to judge a person’s character is to see how they treat waiters and waitresses.

Need to get rid of a hickey from last night? Place a cold spoon on it for a few minutes.

There you have it. Looking for more dating and relationship advice? Here’s how to prevent internet dating burnout. And don’t miss these 5 online dating flags that you should ignore. We wish you the best of luck in the dating pond.


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